Foods very useful for cancer patients

Foods very useful for cancer patients

Foods very useful for cancer patients

every person wishes to make his very own lookup to adapt it to his very own life-style degree of stress weight discuss to your health practitioner there may be a lot of matters i suggest do not simply do what i did what i am making an attempt to do right here when i speak to you dr burden and to your and to your members


is absolutely to share my ride and inform you there is a opportunity to do some thing else or to add some thing to your cure there is some lookup that you can do it is it’s what i am attempting to do um as a ways as the 21 day speedy properly it is it is very effortless you comprehend you all understand now


following dr berg the precept of autophagy which is essentially when your healthful cells has nothing have nothing to consume as an alternative of death of anger they will feed on your non-healthy cells so basically


the healthful cells will will devour actually consume the most cancers cells and it really is it’s the purpose why fasting is so effective when you have most cancers and it’s what i did and 21 days no enjoyable and like i stated the other


day if i have been to do it nowadays i would possibly fail due to the fact i do not have a properly cause to do it even even though fasting is usually wholesome however when when any one tells you you are probable gonna die you comprehend and all the lookup seemed


to point out that if you quickly this is now not gonna occur uh you simply do it you understand it is now not it is no longer even a query so this is why it was once not


that tough however used to be i vulnerable was once i worn-out sure of path did i spend most of my 21 days mendacity down on my mattress yeah truly did i lose weight yeah that too uh did i sense super no actually now not but


it labored after i had my first mri earlier than and and my 2d mri after the 21 day quickly and the outcomes had been right here the tumor went from 10 centimeters to 5. you comprehend uh when you are dealing with a


life or dying state of affairs most human beings will do anything they can and you recognize if it requires fasting and the issue about fasting is what you guys want to understand is it is the most essential aspect you can do due to the fact of


all the one-of-a-kind matters that kick in from a genetic degree to hormone degree like the increase hormones go down the cancer cells begin committing suicide due to the fact when you do not consume your physique goes in


this hyper survival mode and um and it begins to continue to exist higher and so you get all the most cancers genes that flip off and then your your cells clearly recycle the most cancers cells for meals so it is a great


great element to be capable to turn your most cancers cells into meals for your regular cells that um i imply there is simply so lots lookup on this and i suppose it is necessary to you comprehend now not simply blindly comply with all of us to genuinely get the information learn about it and regrettably there is a lot


of huge decided time period new phrases when you examine the lookup so you are gonna have to get uh quite a few dictionaries out you are gonna have to get a scientific dictionary and you are gonna have to recognize some of these um


these research so you can have the self belief to recognize that you understand it can it can work for you yeah and you are you are so proper when you say that due to the fact one of the first element that i did when i discovered that i had cancer


was to instruct myself what is most cancers what do we comprehend about it and uh one of the matters that i constantly inform humans is i healed from most cancers by using trusting the science and no longer the medical doctors and i am no longer throwing a stone at the medical practitioner now not at


all however now not everybody’s up to date with the the trendy lookup and when you begin studying 2022 2021 2000 all these modern day lookup on most cancers and fasting and most cancers and the ketogenic food plan and most cancers as a metabolic


disease you discovered so a good deal that your or at least my oncologist did not inform me about so getting skilled and taking your fitness into your very own fingers is the key to


whatever i did and that is the solely component that i would propose humans yeah i suggest in a thumbnail design the way you clear up troubles is by using grasp the hassle greater that constantly looks to resolve any problem


right um k so now um did you have you did not simply have a lot of weight to lose when you did this proper so you did get skinny um you went from what weight to what weight i went from 70 kilos to forty nine kilos ok so


sorry i do not recognize what it is in kilos however essentially i i went from a very wholesome and healthy physique composition to nothing however bones k as a long way as throughout the fasting duration um


we’re now not let’s now not speak about the dietary supplements first however what about did you have some thing you had did you have espresso you gent you drink water used to be there something juices did you have


anything to consume so it’s one of the quantity one query i obtained from uh from the humans is what did you devour at some point of your 21 day quick and the reply is nothing it was once no longer it was once no longer intermittent fasting and humans clearly have to make

Foods very useful for cancer patients
Foods very useful for cancer patients

the distinction uh it was once no longer a juice speedy or a uncooked meals quickly it used to be a quickly length so i did not devour some thing in 21 days i broadly speaking had water


uh and i was once supposed to drink uh one little shot of wheat grass juice freshly pressed with grass juice each day which i did not due to the fact it tastes horrible till and right here again



on the your wheatgrass juice powder which i offered right away and modified my lifestyles and i am no longer getting paid to say that i have no non-public pastime i am simply pronouncing due to the fact it is the reality and from that second it was once a whole lot less difficult for me to consume a little bit of wheatgrass


juice when i wished it so essentially i do not understand possibly three 4 instances a week i would have a little shot of wheatgrass juice and that was once it so water most of the time and with fresh


juice as soon as in a whilst this is all i had for 21 days k now let’s shift to the dietary supplements due to the fact it really is an necessary query for these of you that are new observing this we did a learn about myself man tundenbaum


and a lot of you viewers that are gazing proper now donated to this most cancers lookup we did in europe um with the assist of um maurice uh israel who is a professor he has his md


and as a scientific health practitioner as nicely as his phd in biochemistry uh very very clever individual who helped us set up this find out about he located some captivating charming um data


as a long way as the susceptible hyperlink of most cancers the achilles heel the the region the place um it is a in reality massive distinction between a cancer phone and a regular mobilephone and and besides getting into any technical matters there is a there is a door that


goes in the most cancers that lets in the most cancers cells to make membranes and barring these membranes most cancers cellphone can’t um live to tell the tale and so this metabolic enzyme identify the initials are scott


and so if you may want to doubtlessly block this enzyme you should starve the most cancers now not from gas however from its uncooked cloth its shape its membrane so um


the hassle is nicely most chemo no longer most however a handful of chemo pills i imply it ought to be most i do not be aware of um in reality block scott however they additionally kill the most cancers and they


kill your immune device and it simply so occurs even a most cancers phone itself is um has some of your very own immune cells in the most cancers tumor itself or the most cancers so in different phrases um we desired to discover a


natural way to block scott except the poisonous impact of destroying your immune device nicely um he did some preceding lookup and he discovered notable success so what we did is we did


that lookup and we in contrast it to one of the most effective chemo capsules to see how it in contrast and it did very properly i did a precis of that that find out about i am going to put that hyperlink down below


um however anyway there is positive vitamins that can block this enzyme to doubtlessly shut the door on the copy of the most cancers mobile and then you took like the two the two massive ones are alpha


lipoic acid and uh garcinia cambogia so you so tell us a little bit about um the dietary supplements that you took due to the fact i understand there was once a lot of more matters you took as properly yeah definitely and uh please forgive me if i if i


use a little bit of notes due to the fact i do not desire to neglect whatever for your for your followers all the matters that i that i put in my e book helps me with the timeline and remembering what i did when due to the fact as you can think about i was


my Genius was once enormously plenty frozen when they advised me i had most cancers and and i had large probabilities to die so occasionally i do not be mindful what i did when it is it is a little difficult so i take my personal e book and i and i take a look


so essentially sure what i did used to be the 21 day speedy then strict ketogenic eating regimen one hundred natural and then the dietary supplements so the dietary supplements simply to make certain i do not forget about some thing i am gonna i am gonna examine my very own e book and and take a seem at it if


you if you enable me um so essentially this is what i did i used nutrition d3 diet c turmeric zinc omega-3s


in the structure of fish oil and in the shape of dha then i additionally used the well-known metabolic therapy that you simply stated from from professor maurice israel


which is made of alpha lipoic acid garcinia cambogia garlic or garlic extract what else oh yes


melatonin is a large one high doses of melatonin in my case it used to be somewhere between 20 and 30 grams uh and


bromelain and i suppose this is about it yeah ok so these are the dietary supplements that i used gorgeous and we are going to put these down in the description however however the the element that um


i choose to simply uh simply point out actual temporarily um some like melatonin uh additionally allicin from the garlic um are additionally scot inhibitors so there is genuinely many


scout inhibitors in and that is the subsequent component we’re searching at is to take all these herbal scout inhibitors and consider which ones are the strongest to the you be aware of the weakest and however you comprehend at this factor um we haven’t


done that check so we’re going to consist of pretty a few of the inhibitors and melatonin is any other strong compound for most cancers and of direction so is garlic and so is inexperienced tea inexperienced tea additionally blocks


um the most cancers from ingesting glutamine which is very very exceptional however it does different matters too so so in different phrases maurice israel seemed at the the the complete biochemistry of what


happens in most cancers and he certainly studied what matters want to be blocked and what we should use to assist block from going the the front quit the returned give up the again door i am telling you these these most cancers cells are actually sneaky so


you have to use techniques to cope with this hassle from all angles so um so you took these herbal redress um you additionally i assume you add sea salt too proper due to the fact it’s vital and some of the different nutritional vitamins you took due to the fact you are now not ingesting food


you’re going to have to take these nutritional vitamins due to the fact your fitness relies upon on it so you didn’t consume meals however you had vitamins which are now not going to wreck the quickly and what we’re attempting to do right here due to the fact they’re supplying some thing that you are really


missing when you are now not ingesting yeah so on my aspect it was once it used to be a difficult selection as to do i take my dietary supplements when i am fasting or now not and i was once long gone now and it really is why i suggest


people do and man as you recognize did it however me my empty belly could not take the nutritional vitamins and mineral dietary supplements when i used to be fasting so i did not take whatever for the 21 days and i began supplementing after the speedy however it is no longer what i suggest it is due to the fact i have


a very touchy belly and i simply could not i took one diet with a little bit of water and two minutes later my belly hurts however yeah generally uh maurice israel and his group uh


suggest that you maintain taking these dietary supplements as you are fasting without a doubt the omega-3 fatty acids uh composed of dha and epa these are uh fish oils and these are clearly definitely truely essential as properly um in particular for


their anti-cancer so of route the entirety that you cited is has different extra anti-cancer houses like the turmeric for instance and the bromelain so um i assume um you you you are simply essentially hitting it from a lot of different


angles due to the fact you did the lookup and you observed wow this this should work sure without a doubt so first my oncologist buddy in paris uh who’s conscious of maurice israel’s work and at the time


lauren schwartz’s work advised me k fred you gotta begin taking uh melatonin proper away excessive doses of melatonin you have to begin taking uh inexperienced tea taking uh garlic so he was once conscious of the of the protocol which was


not as entire as the time as it is now and then a little bit later i located uh thru your channel and a frequent pal man uh contacted him and acquired the complete the full protocol and it really is it is how i continued


my uh my cure so to communicate ok so then when you ate k so you went 20 nicely first of all like how many you you had 4 months proper so did you begin off with a 21 day quickly quicker what did you what kind of fasting and i think


it used to be even for 5 days now not on the weekend so simply variety of provide an explanation for the important points on that so so when i used to be recognized i used to be actually in reality down absolutely frozen i could not make any choice simply wondering i was once gonna die for three days


and after these three days i kicked myself in the butt and i stated ok i am gonna live to tell the tale this i am gonna do some thing it takes however i am gonna live to tell the tale this and it truly is the place i started out doing my lookup so nearly right away i went on


a strict 21 day quick water speedy after that i went on a strict natural ketogenic weight loss program and we can go via what i ate if you choose to for three months and nearly at the quit i did not be aware of i was once nearly cured at the time we just


knew that the tumor was once getting smaller and smaller however it was once nonetheless right here i went for some other 21 day quick however solely fasting 5 days a week and consuming typically a everyday ketogenic food regimen all through the weekend


and so you nonetheless have to fold that so you commenced with a 21 day quickly then you went to one meal a day and then you went again to 21 days of virtually like 5 days of fasting and then two days of one meal a day


exactly k sure and ok so then when you did consume coming off of the 21 day quickly of path you had to regularly introduce meals proper sure so let’s simply speak about properly how did you progressively introduce meals what


did you consume nicely first i was once on a road ketogenic food plan so zero zero carbs are as shut to zero as i should uh no sugar now not even fruits and um


basically i was once left with proteins fat and veggies so i tried you comprehend i went on a on on a quest nearly to find out what can i devour and why i could not and most of what i ate gave me so a great deal ache i was once in so a lot ache at the time due to the fact of the cancer


so the solely factor i ought to devour and i determined that for the duration of a number of days was once freshly pressed vegetable juice red meat one hundred grass-fed grass-finished red meat and


mostly revised which for me was once the ideal stability of now not too a whole lot protein and ample fats and properly fat avocado coconut oil grass-fed butter french heavy cream


that’s all i may want to devour so for three and a 1/2 months all i ate was once vegetable juice and ribeye steak the subsequent day vegetable juice and ribeye steak and the day after that vegetable juice and revised steaks it is what i ate and


really helped me due to the fact when i located that glutamine should additionally feed most cancers in in positive prerequisites however that inexperienced tea ought to assist with that what i did used to be damage my speedy each and every day with the fresh


vegetable juice then about an hour later had my steak and my avocado and about 5 to ten minutes after that a large glass of inexperienced tea to assist manipulate the


glutamine from the steak and that used to be my meal each and every single day for nearly three months received it k suitable so that helps out um and then as some distance as extent of what you ate did you simply tremendously a whole lot consume enough


so you can be stuffed due to the fact your belly when fasting it variety of shrinks on account that you are no longer capable to likely consume the portions that you generally consume properly i can devour let me inform you that i can consume so earlier than cancer


if i had if i had pizza for instance i would not have one pizza i would not have two pizzas i have 4 pizzas i can devour uh of route i could not devour the identical factor and now not in the identical volume when i used to be ill however at least a one pound rib


eye was once my simple volume simply as soon as a day yeah as soon as a day a massive glass of clean seasonal veggies a huge one one pound ribeye cooked in


butter or or olive oil with purple himalayan salt or sea salt and my inexperienced tea it really is essentially what i ate each and every day and what to do what kind of veggies did you juice whatever some thing that used to be natural and in season


so in the course of the summer season i juiced a lot of spinach and and cabbage and stuff like that at some point of the wintry weather when we went extra into the spring i juiced cucumbers and celery


so it in reality i simply took anything the farmers market used to be presenting me at that unique time but as many veggies as feasible grains coloured to have as lots micronutrients as i should that used to be my intention to really


push the micronutrition into my physique and to assist my physique combat that most cancers there are so many matters so many anti-cancer each time you seem to be up the gain of any vegetable even beets and


carrots and the whole lot it will constantly say it is an antioxidant it has it uh it is anti-inflammatory anti-cancer homes and i suppose additionally you had uh cruciferous greens too proper oh sure oh sure a lot


of a lot of broccolis and to have even greater impact i used a lot i juiced a lot of broccoli sprouts so i put the sprouts in my juice in the in the juicer i mean


and simply extract the nutrient from the broccoli sprouts and yeah that used to be primarily all my juices all my juices in addition to the seasonal vegetable i continually brought broccoli sprouts and turmeric these are the two matters that have been that have been here


in my juice year-round all the time it is effective effective anti-cancer um like now going now current to existing time what do you commonly consume now


so i strive to continue to be on a one meal a day intermittent fasting protocol however now not constantly if i work out a lot or simply if i am hungry i am going to have two foods a day in a in a six hour window so i nonetheless spend a lot of the day and night time of path fasting


and as a long way as meals now i can have highly a lot any sort of proteins eggs no trouble poultry fish pork of direction so any form of animal protein is fine


i’m nonetheless having a challenging time with entire veggies due to the fact the fibers nonetheless irritate my my intestines so i nevertheless juice my veggies the predominant distinction is the sugar


so i consume a little bit of sugar in the structure of fruits and as soon as in a whilst in the structure of uncooked honey and it is some thing that i did not permit myself at all when i used to be unwell i am no longer satisfied 100


that the fructose the sugar of the fruits in its unique meals mattress which is the entire fruit is honestly terrible for most cancers i do not recognize however due to the fact i did not understand i desired now not had any sugar at all when


i used to be ailing however now that i am now not unwell anymore and i have zero hint of cancers and all the most cancers and inflammatory markers are exact i have fruits on my non-workout days so on my exercise days i do extra of the the proteins and


fats and on my non exercise days i do much less fats and a little bit of fruits of path natural and seasonal so it really is the important distinction with what i did


before so my eating regimen is essentially the equal as a ways as micronutrients a little bit greater range with the proteins and a little bit of fruits three instances a week bought it do you um do you presently take any probiotics or


for fermented kind ingredients sure i use a sauerkraut a lot a lot a little bit of sauerkraut uh nearly each day uh so it’s so key for uh your your gut


in the mic due to the fact that you had it was once in your digestive machine so would possibly as properly guide that and that you could not get a higher meals than sauerkraut yeah sauerkraut is definitely one of the matters that now not solely i like so it is no longer it is not


an effort for me to devour it and uh and it is fantastic splendid effective as some distance as seasoned and prebiotics so i am the usage of it pretty regularly exceptional now i choose to carry up some other clearly virtually necessary factor um so if anyone


checked out take a look at lower back in proper now due to the fact this section is genuinely necessary earlier than you bought most cancers your weight loss program wasn’t that horrific in truth you have been doing intermittent fasting you have been doing um keto the wholesome model for a duration of time


and then i it used to be you be aware of i requested you a query what used to be your stress degree and your stress used to be off the roof and and so when you deal with um most cancers um


there are matters you be aware of smoking can motive most cancers chemical compounds can purpose most cancers persistent some thing can motive most cancers terrible meals and matters like that however humans do not really


put interest on the stress element too so the stress thing can spark off your genetics to flip matters in a terrible way you recognize can flip matters on that ought to be grew to become off so you went thru stress and i think


because of the total pandemic element you ought to you could not have your you had distinct uh dojos round the u . s . they had to shut down right sure sure certainly and and when there is a lot of extraordinary stresses and


that’s what humans do not apprehend i did not have what most human beings would name a very traumatic lifestyles i suggest i did not conflict with my household i did not war at work i did not i did not have that type of stress um you are proper when you say that my


lifestyle was once tremendously true i tried to devour natural for the previous i do not be aware of 20 25 years i used to be on kiddo for pretty a lengthy time  what else continually lively uh doing a lot


of meditation a lot a lot of tai chi my martial arts boxing parkour crossfit so i used to be i used to be an energetic character um doing intermittent fasting for 20 years so humans ask me so how come you did all


that and bought most cancers and you did all that and acquired cured and i assume i am now not certain however i suppose it is the compounding of the whole lot it is placing the whole lot collectively all the time and as a long way as stress uh


yes the the the pandemic and and the the world scenario stops me from doing a huge section of my expert undertaking i commonly tour the world to to go and educate in all my my dojos round the world my my martial arts


school i could not do that it was once very complex as some distance as finance and of path that used to be a huge stressor and that is when the most cancers regarded i additionally had a genetic predisposition


because interestingly from what the health practitioner informed me uh it used to be one of the few actual genetic most cancers so my meals and my way of life used to be now not so a lot the the responsible phase is there however my


genetic history used to be the napping reason as i name it however the stress was once the set off there is no doubt yeah and i tried my great when i was once attempting to heal myself to compound the whole thing that i knew about fasting and weight-reduction plan and stuff


like that plus all my new lookup with even much less stress in my lifestyles you be aware of extra respiratory greater working out in nature extra meditation and stuff like that and i suppose it is a it is a mixture of all


that most cancers is multifactorial however recovery most cancers is additionally multifactorial and i did a lot of matters if you add to the whole thing that we talked


about the ice bloodless bathtub the respiration the stroll in nature enjoying with my canine taking part in with my spouse having exciting laughing staring at at nothing however comedies all these matters i accept as true with participated to my healing


you understand you delivered up a excellent factor like you had to you have to step up your self-discipline to to uh to you recognize ice bloodless baths i imply for instance fasting for 21 days it’s all requires a lot of self-discipline and you know


i assume um out of necessity you appreciation what desires to be performed due to the fact now you did the lookup out of necessity you you pulled it out of your self and you have been capable to form of stick to it due to the fact you have been probably


willing to do something it took um to continue to exist basically sure sure without a doubt and some humans say yeah however it is probable due to the fact of your martial artwork coaching you have extra disciplines than others it may be proper however seem at man our friend


guy who’s who was once 70 at the time of his most cancers uh no self-discipline in anyway in no way practiced any martial arts obese most cancers stage four diabetes the whole lot you should have he


had it and he did the equal factor as me he did the fasting he did the keto and and he cured himself so like you stated out of necessity when your lifestyles is on the line i suppose it is a good deal an awful lot less difficult than when you just


randomly determine to do a quick or randomly figure out to to as as a prevention to take care of your fitness and do not get me incorrect prevention is fundamental and it is tons higher an awful lot less complicated than discovering a most cancers but


either doubtlessly have most cancers they’re fascinated in stopping most cancers they would possibly have buddies or household that have cancer however if most cancers is now not on your radar due to the fact you are now not you do not have any cognizance of it oh it’s going to in no way take place to me even although it is the wide variety one 2nd or the second


killer of the world um you likely might not be fascinated in most cancers till you have both anyone shut to you or your self you comprehend you begin creating most cancers and then


you grow to be very fascinated in it um so it wasn’t i wasn’t into fitness at all till i hit possibly my late 20s due to the fact i individually was once affected negatively with my fitness different human beings they appear to get by way of and they can they do not have any troubles till later in


life and then they they make this shift and alternate so um my total element is um you can collect a extremely good quantity of survival know-how by using studying from different people’s


stories different people’s success profitable moves different people’s techniques and i do not be aware of if when you are observing this you recognize how um necessary um fred is giving us this this


really key these keys uh these techniques due to the fact um it can come in available if you ever get most cancers or if you have any one going thru most cancers this is like most appropriate records that you need to use and observe and suppose with


and due to the fact there may be nothing worse than getting most cancers and no longer having any of this information may want to you think about like getting most cancers no longer having all these insights and you are simply following mainstream which you are you comprehend you pr i don’t


know if you’ll be alive by way of now yeah definitely and you be aware of we’re so fortunate to stay in the instances we’re dwelling due to the fact think about my scenario except the web proper proper what would i have accomplished i suggest nothing right


right it’s proper so um so once more it comes down to um being capable to come what may with your recognition pull out the proper records that makes feel to you due to the fact there is so a lot confusion out there and


unfortunately um the first 5 to ten pages of google has what the what everyone’s doing and i i suppose the aspect that helped me commonly is


i’m usually skeptical of what anybody else is doing or every body thinks is genuine it is commonly the contrary mainly when you get into this component properly every person is aware of yeah properly who’s anyone and the place did that come from so um suspect and i i have a tendency to do


association and do the whole contrary and you have a higher risk uh i make an apology if it is any person else i do not be mindful however i notion that used to be remarkable and it’s essentially what i did it would not imply that i completely


rejected western medicinal drug or or that i have a grudge once more towards it i simply did not suppose it was once the reply for me however as we mentioned remaining time i i did three classes of chemo due to the fact of the ache and it sincerely helped


me so i am grateful to to these medical practitioner and nurse who who are assisting with the signs and symptoms and it is crucial when you when you suff when you go through so a lot that you do not you are no longer even certain that you choose to stay and it’s the place i was once at some point


and a health practitioner informed you howdy take my chemo take my tablet and you are going to experience higher in three weeks it is a miracle and i and i definitely recognize it and and i thank my health practitioner for that however as a long way as curing me without


any long-term facet impact for me western remedy was once no longer the reply and i select to appear at the biology and the and the science alternatively of the medicinal drug however it does not imply it is the equal reality for absolutely everyone anyone has to make his lookup and


put his or her believe into what feels proper for for for that man or woman when you deal with most cancers there is a lot of conflicting facts so you have a lot of so-called data that are opposing every different you cannot have


two records opposing every different one of them has to be false and so you you regrettably gonna have to find out about each viewpoints again and forth to surely see which one is proper and which one’s false however when you deal with most cancers there is a lot of


money going on um there may be a lot of corruption there may be a lot of false records manipulation of lookup so um there is a there may be a sincerely properly e book i am going to


put it down under of anyone actually especially credible scientists who talked about all the manipulation that they do in most cancers lookup and i suppose if you are in reality fascinated you ought to take a seem at that e book due to the fact you want to understand the


truth and and that way you can um you understand no longer be prone to doing the incorrect element sure one of the matters that i did when i used to be doing my lookup and it is simply it was once my primary philosophy it is not


always genuine however i used to be my major line to pick records is when you have two conflicted informations about the precise equal aspect first have faith the one that does not make cash like fasting fasting would not make everybody any cash so


study that first it does not imply it is the reality hold analyzing all chances however my first interest would be on these lookup and and from researchers that did not make cash out of it that was once my


first uh my first most important thinking yeah unluckily these researchers um they get paid they’re they’re funded by using enterprise and governments and matters like that so i imply who’s going to pay a researcher to do lookup on some thing that does not make


money it is it is tough to there may be so many matters like it’s why you are now not going to locate a lot of lookup in apple cider vinegar for instance due to the fact it is simply no longer now not a product that human beings purchase so anyway fred this has been an splendid um


uh information uh discuss or speak that we had and i assume human beings are going to surely uh use this records to live on higher and i am going to put some down some hyperlinks if you have not noticed

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